Report: Apple launches first Mac with ARM processor next year 2021


A recent report by Bloomberg Agency revealed that the American Apple company is preparing to rely on the ARM processor architecture to launch the first supported Mac device during the next year 2021, where it is expected that Apple will work on 3 different new processors that come dedicated to Mac devices within the Kalamata project based on developing processors The Apple A14 chip is supposed to be used in the upcoming iPhone 12.

According to the report, the first of the three alleged processors will come with 12 cores, eight of them with high performance “Firestor” and the remaining four with energy saving technology “Icestorm”, where this report is in line with news and reports that indicated Apple’s plan for self-sufficiency and reduce its dependence on external suppliers in Components of their devices.

The technical expert Ming-Chi Kuo also indicated that he expects Apple to launch a Mac with its own architecture on ARM within the next year, but with the company likely to postpone the launch plan due to the current conditions the world is going through following the Corona pandemic, which may also affect the iPhone launch date. 12.

The report pointed out that when Apple launches ARM processors, it can be said that the cost of the processors will decrease by 40-60%, according to some statistics, i.e. better material return with great hardware performance and a clear impact on maintaining battery life and performance level.


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