“Remote for Monodrama”: virtual festivals in bulk


In less than a month, several virtual theater demonstrations were held in several Arab cities, in the search for solutions that enable those working in the fourth art to continue presenting their work through interacting with their audience remotely, after the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which caused the closure of theaters around the world .

The first session of the “Online” festival, in which the “South” festival in Egypt and the “Rabea Al-Wafaa” festival was launched in Tunisia, will be concluded today, Wednesday, the tenth session of the “Maysan International Theatrical Festival of Monodrama / Online”, while announcing ” Al-Hakawati Theater in Jerusalem, organizing its festival on Facebook.

In this context, the activities of the first session of the “Tele Monodrama” festival in Cairo, which continues until Friday, will be opened at 4:00 pm on Monday, and will allow participation through the organizers’ page on Vipsok, in several competitive stages.

The selection mechanism is similar to the one followed by the “Maysan Festival” in Iraq, and it looks closer to the competitions organized by satellite stations, instead of presenting theatrical performances complete with artistic and directing elements, which reflects an improvisation in organizing these festivals, where most of them are absent from seminars, workshops and interactive meetings between Dramatists as they were speaking before Corona.

The organizers’ statement indicates that “the festival is a cultural artistic initiative to raise the awareness of citizens through art, and to support artistic talents remotely in acting, poetry, playing, singing, stand-up comic, telling, and dancing.” It seems surprising that all these creations were brought together, despite The demonstration is related to the monodrama, or theater of the one actor, according to the announcement.

The jury consists of the director Ashraf Farouk, the artist Amir Salah El Din, the director Mohamed Mabrouk, the artist Abdullah Saber, the choreographer Mohammed Ibrahim, and the actress Nashwa Mustafa, and the committee evaluated about five hundred and fifty participants within the first stage, where each of them presented a video that includes the performance of a theatrical scene Or dancer, playing or singing.


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