Relinquishing sovereignty and assets


Let’s start “from the first”: What has Lazard entered into developing a financial plan for Lebanon? The company is a consultant who decides to contract it to negotiate with external creditors. Its mission is to launch negotiations with these people from the position of keenness on the customer, that is, the Lebanese state, and not the other way around.The company is not a charity. Like all global consulting firms, it is subject to real (and not imagined) influence by the governments that it leans on. This company is, of course, subject to the delegates of international financial institutions, which in turn are subject to the authority of the United States of America.
The company representatives said from day one that the negotiation site for Lebanon is not good. So they wanted to improve it, but how?
In the information approved by officials in the current government, Lazard is not authorized at all to negotiate or research outside the framework of creditors. This is evident during the contact with the International Monetary Fund, which does not negotiate with companies, but rather with governments. But what we do not know is the reason for the government’s acceptance of the role of intermediary between the company and the IMF. This is practically what is happening, as the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Alain Biffany, is responsible for conveying questions, suggestions, answers and evaluation between what “Lazard” offers and what the International Monetary Fund says.
In practice, we appear once again to be in a state of surrender to international institutions. The reason is that there are those in the current government who believe that the local political forces will not accept any proposals issued by the government, while they will be forced to follow proposals and decisions issued by international bodies.
Who is the genius who is convinced of these words? Do you think that there is a requirement for local powers to submit to the requests of these international institutions because they bear the emblem of the white man? Then who said that Lebanon cannot tackle the problem by itself? If the argument for going to the IMF is to seek new dollars, who will spend these dollars? Are they not known to the Lebanese, and are they government or institutions that are not subject to the influence of these politicians? I mean, does the Minister of Finance be appointed outside what Nabih Berri wants, and does Gibran Bassil will stop interfering in the work of the government, will Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblatt announce voluntary retirement, or does Talal Arslan and Suleiman Franjieh know that the issue is not the inheritance of the Socialist Party and the Lebanese forces, but rather the inheritance Cruel liability?
It is clear from ongoing discussions out of the limelight that the Americans, who have the most influence over the countries and donors, have informed everyone who is interested in it that Lebanon is not a priority now. Even if he were to be included on the agenda, he had to do a lot to get support. This talk was said explicitly to everyone who is interested in the matter in Lebanon, as it was reported to those who think about supporting Lebanon, from France, Germany and Qatar to the International Monetary Fund itself. The matter reached the point that officials of the International Monetary Fund said explicitly: We have the ability to support Lebanon with a loan program that does not exceed ten billion dollars. But it will be paid in stages, the duration of each stage being between six and eight months, and the payment does not exceed 750 million dollars. The reason is that the IMF wants to ensure that the Lebanese government does what it must in order to deserve the loan from one side, and to ensure the fund makes sure that Lebanon is able to repay it. But how is it done?
Here, the rabbit named “Lazard” comes out. In Lebanon, whoever thinks that he is sharing the cash fund. And in Lebanon, it is under the illusion that the IMF aid will address the problem. And in Lebanon, those who insist on mortgaging everything in it abroad and listening to what the Americans and the people of the West say. “Lazard” offers, but their stated goal, and not the implicit, is to produce a plan that implicitly meets the conditions of the IMF. But what the representatives of this company do not say, officially and unofficially, the IMF advisers say: We want guarantees that no penny will go to Hezbollah, and we want guarantees that dollars will not be transferred to Syria. This is before entering the game of conditions, which can be summarized as follows: eliminating the state of care and the role of the state, and handing over the rest of it to the private sector (the private sector), meaning like private hospitals that seemed weak and flabby in front of one public hospital, which is the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital … See, where is the Clemenceau Medical Center facing the Corona?). The private sector here are foreign companies owned by the groups of America and the West, or by large depositors in Lebanese banks who want their money either in cash or in the form of shares in assets for the Lebanese state … What is the government doing?

Hassan Diab, you have in Lebanon those who are more efficient, more experienced and more sincere than those working at Lazard and the IMF

In this sense, a large part of what was mentioned in the financial plan is nothing more than a repetition of slogans and ideas that do not mimic the origin of the problem. Originally, how can the financial plan be separated from the economic and development plan? And how the numbers were calculated, while Riyad Salama still refrains from providing a clear, transparent and complete inventory of his assets and assets in pounds or dollars, and he still refuses to scrutinize his work and the accounts of the Bank of Lebanon, and on top of that, he uses the Americans to maintain his men in all the institutions affiliated with the Bank of Lebanon and outside The Bank of Lebanon also …
The bitter truth is that the government faces many difficulties in this context. It is that if it did not change the entire rules of the game – including removing all those who were related to the previous administration from research – and if Hassan Diab did not reach a clear and decisive understanding with Hezbollah first, then with Nabih Berri’s duo – Gebran Bassil second, it will not be It can achieve a fundamental breakthrough, which is the penetration needed by the country in order to move towards a new stage.
Sadly speaking, the facts that allowed the release of agent Amer al-Fakhouri, fearing US sanctions, were managed by influential officials in the current authority. These have their existing influence, which is exercised in the appointments files and the financial plan. And whoever agrees to sell his sovereignty by releasing a client in broad daylight, it will not be difficult for him to sell his assets again.
The draft financial plan is not valid for anything. Even what some consider a revolution in the face of money whales, has no meaning now. He is the one who attacks America and does not dare utter a client’s name in Lebanon. It is like frowning in the dark and has no meaning in this major confrontation.
Hassan Diab, you have in Lebanon the most qualified, experienced, and most loyal of all workers in Lazard and the IMF. Turn up the sound to know that they are not far from you, and you will have the real treatments that suit this poor people, and leave you from all the tricks of the corrupt class. People are closer to you than they are, so don’t lose people!


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