Reducing the salary of Al-Ahly stars .. “Okaz” publishes the details – Saudi Arabia News


Okaz learned from its well-informed sources that the Al-Ahly club management intends to deduct the salaries of all players of the first soccer team and the technical and administrative bodies for a period of four months, due to the crisis of the Corona Virus (covid-19) that swept the world and caused the suspension of football competitions in all major leagues in the world. Saudi Professional League.

The sources learned that the administration is still studying the percentage that will be deducted from the salaries, which ranges between 30% to 50%, as the club’s managers work not to harm their salaries a lot and the ratio is satisfactory to all parties.

On the other hand, the players of the first soccer team intend to leave the foreign countries to their countries after the clubs allowed their players to coordinate with the embassies of their countries in the Kingdom in order to facilitate the task of their return, especially as the sources confirm that Saudi competitions will not return before mid-July or early August.


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