Redmi officially unveils Redmi Air Dots S wireless earphones



Today, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi, officially unveiled new wireless headphones called Redmi Air Dots S. These new wireless headphones do not come with any design level changes, but they introduce a new output mode that can divide the two headphones as separate receivers. Moreover, Redmi is promoting that the new Redmi Air Dots S headphones offer better sound despite the fact that they still depend on Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity similar to the current headphones. There is also a new mode to reduce latency.

The rest of the specifications match the Redmi Air Dots earphones that were launched last year. The new Redmi Air Dots S still use 7.2mm amplifiers and support DSP noise canceling during calls, and it also includes touch-sensitive controls that allow you to switch songs And call up the digital assistant.

The new Redmi Air Dots S earphones also provide 4 hours of use with a single charge, while the box provides you with an additional 12 hours of use. It is also worth noting that these new Redmi headphones also come with IPX4 certification, which means that they are resistant to water droplets.

Overall, the Redmi Air Dots S headphones are now already on offer for purchase in China for the equivalent of $ 14. These headphones are likely to be launched globally later this year.



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