Reasons why the Countess of Wessex served as the family’s secret weapon


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Sufi Contessa Wessex (Countess of Wessex) and Prince Edward’s wife, the Queen’s favorite royal family, are often seen as a “secret weapon” British royal family This is according to a new article published by Victoria Murphy, journalist and expert on affairs, on the site of “Town & Country”.

Sophie Countess and Sussex are trusted people of the Queen of Britain

Victoria Murphy described Sophie Contessa and Wessex as becoming a reliable and dependable person for the Queen, over the years due to her quiet and glorious nature at work, which tends to avoid attracting unnecessary attention, Victoria also spoke of the stability of the marriage of Countess and Wessex to Prince Edward – the youngest of the Queen’s children It is a marriage during which two children have given birth, making the Queen’s confidence increase in the countess and sex and making her view her as an individual who actually belongs to her family members and not as a relative of the royal family through marriage.

Hood Countess and Wexx doubled after leaving the Sussex family

Victoria Murphy also spoke in her article about the efforts of Countess and Wessex in royal action over the past months to support the Queen and fill the void left by Prince Harry’s sudden departure of the British royal family, and how she managed to do a lot during the past busy months for the royal family The British, which made many inside the royal palace consider it a secret weapon of the British royal family.

It is known that Sophie Countess and Wessex, a close confidant of the Queen, have previously confirmed informed royal sources that the Queen “prefers and appreciates a lot” Countess of Wessex, besides, evidence also indicates this, for example the Queen often chooses Countess and Wessex to accompany her On her car trip to Mass on Sunday during the summer vacation of the British royal family in Balmoral, according to the newspaper Daily Mail quoting a royal source, the queen prefers the company of Countess and Sussex and looks at her and Prince Edward as the most stable spouses in the royal family because their husband did not end in divorce Ali The opposite is from the other sons of the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Princess Anne.

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