Real Madrid stands up to Corona and his stars are safe


Despite the apparent impact of the emerging Corona virus on the sports clubs’ safes in different countries of the world, the Real Madrid administration chose not to rush to take any decision.

The “Covid 19” epidemic imposed almost complete paralysis in various sporting activities around the world, and led to the suspension of football competitions.

Under the great financial pressure imposed by the new circumstances, a number of clubs in the “La Liga”, including Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, decided to reduce the salaries of their players and technical devices, to alleviate the financial burdens in light of the economic impact of the Corona epidemic.

However, the board of directors of the “Royal Club” decided not to take “any strict measures” at present, according to the Spanish newspaper “AS”.

The source pointed out that the Real officials are sure that the club’s treasury is “strong”, allowing it to withstand the first wave of the “Covid 19” pandemic.

The newspaper revealed that the management of the royal club “is not currently thinking about reducing the salaries of players or dispensing with one of them, but it will be in line with the situation and will take decisions in a timely manner to ensure that there is no bankruptcy, which was agreed upon in the last meeting that brought together league club officials with officials of the Spanish Federation.” .

It is noteworthy that Spain has become the second most affected country in Europe, after the outbreak of Corona virus, after Italy.

On Tuesday, Spain set a new record number of casualties since the outbreak began, with 849 people dying within 24 hours.

The epidemic has killed 8,189 people in the country, and infected more than 94,000.

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