Real Madrid mourns for his former player, Guyo Benito



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 Thursday 2 April 2020 – 5:37 PM
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Thursday 2 April 2020 – 5:37 PM

Spanish football club Real Madrid mourned on Thursday its former defender, Guyo Benito, who died at the age of 73.

The Spanish club, through its official website, expressed deep sorrow at the death of Benito, who played for the royal team from 1966 to 1982.

Benito was crowned with the La Liga six times and the King of Spain five times.

The club sent its condolences on behalf of Florentino Perez, the club’s president and members of the board of directors, to the family of the former player, describing Benito as one of the club’s legends.

In his statement, the club stated: “Real Madrid would like to send its sincere condolences and condolences to Paula, the late wife and sons of Patricia, Robin, Alejandro, and all his family and loved ones. This condolences is also extended to all Real fans throughout the world.”

During his career with the club, Pieneto played 420 games with the team and the late star played 22 international matches with the Spanish national team.

The riyal indicated that he had been supportive and supportive of Benito over the course of his struggle with the disease for more than a decade.


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