Real Madrid announces agreement to cut salaries – Al-Banna newspaper


Advertise club Rial Madrid About discount payroll Players And workers With him, He came at statement The club royalist: «Players And members the device Artwork For the difference The first at a ball Foot A ball The basket, Whose Repent With their leaders٬ addition to me Responsible The two main at Different Departments at The club, They came up with to me an agreement To cut voluntary For their salaries This Year in the rate of between 10 And the20 at Percent, Depending Ali Circumstances Which may be effect Ali conclusion season 2019-2020 ».

He continued Statement: «This the decision Which Take it Players And coaches And the staff, Will contribute at avoid seek refuge to me Take Procedures Cruel Right employees Others, as such It contributes at Governorate Ali Objectives Economic For our club at Shade backing down at Revenues Which Suffers Of which During this is Period Because Suspension Competitions And paralysis The quotient at Activities Commercial».

She indicated Reports Journalist Spanish that Discount Will be 10 at Percent at Condition Complete season Present And the20 at Percent at Condition Could not End it.

by this the decision, Will hope The club royalist Adult sum payroll His players 283 Million euro that Provides What between 28 And the56 Million euro Depending Ali fate season Present. And already For my club Barcelona And Atletico Madrid that They reached to me an agreement With Their players to lower Their salaries in the rate of 70 at Percent.

The “La Liga” association recommended that clubs adopt partial unemployment plans in order to reduce the losses caused by the outbreak of the “Coved 19” virus, and the clubs Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Seville and Espanyol showed their willingness to take this step.


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