Real estate registration in Sharjah activates the “remote work” system for its employees – across the Emirates – news and reports


The Real Estate Registration Department in the Emirate of Sharjah continues to provide its services to its customers, and to conduct their business with ease and ease, in light of the emergency conditions the region is going through as a result of the Corona epidemic that has swept the countries of the world.
In this regard, the department announced the activation of the remote work system for the majority of employees using smart means and technologies, in the framework of the preventive measures taken by the department in the interest of the safety of its employees and customers, and in line with governmental precautionary measures, in view of the global developments related to the Corona virus “Covid 19” .

The department formed a committee headed by the Director General Abdulaziz Al-Shamsi to ensure the continuity of the work remotely, and also carried out a number of precautionary measures such as sterilizing the main building and the buildings of its branches in various regions, and published sterilizers and means of protection in these buildings, and the electronic fingerprint system was replaced by an ID card On the safety of the employees who were made aware of the best ways to prevent the virus, in addition to organizing the entry of some auditors who come to the department building, receiving them and completing their transactions as soon as possible.

The department receives most of the transactions electronically through the department’s website, the “developer portal” platform, and email addresses that are allocated to receive the transactions of departments and departments, in addition to other communication channels that the department made available to the public to complete their transactions with ease, in addition to that the department worked to organize the entry of the auditors whose transactions require Attend to the department building, receive them and complete their transactions as soon as possible.

His Excellency Abdulaziz Ahmed Al Shamsi, Director General of the Real Estate Registration Department, affirmed the department’s keenness to continue working in customer service under the prevailing circumstances due to the Corona virus “Covid 19”, and he pointed out in this regard that the department formed a “remote work committee” to follow up on the employees’ work and ensure their continuity In performing the tasks assigned to them to keep pace with the customers’ need, and achieving their desire to get the best possible services in the fastest and safe way.

Al Shamsi pointed out that the heads of departments and employees hold their meetings through direct visual communication technology to ensure the progress of work in all facilities, sections and branches of the department to serve citizens and customers wherever they are, regardless of the current circumstances due to the epidemic that the state is making all possible efforts to eliminate them as soon as possible, God willing.



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