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Days before the start of the month of Ramadan, the Islamic world stands before a paradox made by the pandemic of the Corona virus at a difficult time, because the crisis imposed a divergence in the month, in which communication and rapprochement is a blame for families in one of its most beautiful details. Religion matters, charitable work and prayer.

However, 1.8 billion Muslims accept Ramadan they have never seen before, in light of the closure of mosques and the curfew imposed due to “Corona”, and the banning of congregational prayers from Senegal to Southeast Asia, and throughout the Muslim world. The pandemic generated new levels of anxiety before the month of fasting. .

In Algeria, Yamen Hermach (67) used to receive her relatives and neighbors in her home for tea and refreshments during the holy month, but she fears that this year Ramadan will be different, and she cried: “We may not visit them and they will not come, Corona virus made everyone afraid Even distinguished guests. ”

The worst year ever

In the markets and streets of the sprawling city of Cairo, with a population of 23 million, and where the movement usually does not subside, the virus has had catastrophic repercussions, said a business owner next to the historic Sayyida Zainab Mosque, whose name is Samir al-Khatib: “This is the worst year ever. Compared to last year, we didn’t sell until the quarter.”

During Ramadan, vendors lined the streets of the Egyptian capital with tables with dates, apricots, and dried fruits that the fasting people break their fast, displaying various forms of colored lanterns, but this year the authorities imposed a curfew at night, and prevented congregational prayer and other activities.

Among those who ventured out of their homes was the director of the stock exchange, Nasser Salah Abdel Qadir (59 years old), who said that the atmosphere prevailing this year is not Ramadan at all, explaining that he used to come to the market, and Ramadan songs were frequented by the market, and the people They are everywhere and almost spend all their time on the street.

In the capital, Dakar, charities used to distribute “ndujo” bread covered with chocolate, cakes, dates, sugar and milk to the needy, but this year it will distribute it to religious schools instead of distributing them in the streets.

Remotely communicate

In Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world, some will communicate with their loved ones remotely this year, and a citizen, Prabowo, said that he will gather family members on Eid al-Fitr this year through the Internet via the Zoom app instead of traveling to His hometown, he added: “I fear the Corona virus, but all forms of rapprochement will be missed. There is no collective breakfast, no group prayer in the mosque, or even chatting with friends.”

1.8 billion Muslims go to Ramadan like they have never seen before.

No group breakfast, no group prayer, or even staying with friends.




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