Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital: 7 cases of corona from 380 examinations


Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital released the daily report on the latest developments about the Covid-19 Coronavirus, which states:

– The hospital conducted 380 laboratory tests, 7 positive results, including 4 injuries from the injured relatives in the Galilee camp, and the rest of the results are negative.

– The total number of laboratory cases that were confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus and currently present in the hospital’s isolation area reached 17 cases.

– 11 suspected cases of coronavirus infection were received from other hospitals.

The total number of cases fully recovered from the Corona virus from the start to date remains 113.

– All those infected with the Corona virus receive the necessary care in the isolation unit and their condition is stable, with one improvement being recorded for one of the patients whose situation was unstable as he was transferred to the isolation unit and one injury remains in intensive care.

To find out the number of injuries on all Lebanese lands, please follow the daily report issued by the Ministry of Public Health.


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