Qusai Khouly celebrates his birthday with his son and sings to him – video


Today, Syrian star Qusai Khouli is celebrating his 44th birthday, and this year his birthday will be different with his son, Brigadier General.

Qusay posted a video of him, along with his son, that he slept over his shoulder, and Qusay used to sing tenderly to him until he fell asleep.

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And he said: (They became 44 years, O Papa .. But with your existence, the meaning of the years differed, and your light saw my life in a Persian proverb, by saying that he who has no son has no light in his eyes .. and you are the light of my eyes, my son)

Qusay loves his son and misses him every morning and expresses his love with a picture or videos in them with many beautiful memories, and he suffers a lot from his only son’s separation, which he named after his father’s name.

Our colleague, Nidal Al-Ahmadiya, spoke in detail about the issue of Qusai, his son’s mother, and how she exploited it.

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