Qusai Khouli surprises everyone with his first video, accompanied by his son .. How did he respond to his wife, Madiha Al-Hamdani?


Syrian actor Qusai Khouli shocked his followers by publishing his first video with his child.

The father, whose wife Madiha Al-Hamdani recently sparked controversy because of her statements that pointed out that Qusai does not care about her and her baby, did not light up while he was carrying the child and helping him sleep.

Qusay enclosed the video with a comment that said: “They are 44 years old, Dad, but with your presence the meaning of the years varied and I saw your light in my life.”

He added: “In a Persian proverb, with the words of those who have no son, there is no light in his eyes, and you are the light of my eyes, my son.”

Qusai apparently wanted to deny recent rumors that his son had been neglected.


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