Public Security: Arresting 5 persons practicing money exchange on the black market and summoning money-changers for not complying with the price of the circulated dollar from the Bank of Lebanon


The General Directorate of Public Security issued the following statement: “In the context of following up unlicensed exchange work and the extent of commitment of the owners of licensed institutions to the circulation of the Bank of Lebanon regarding the determination of the purchase price of the US dollar, and according to the indication of the financial prosecutor, the General Directorate of Public Security arrested each of the Lebanese (prof. ), (Aa), (ymb), (fm) and Al-Suri (fmc) to provide information about their exchange activities without a license, by interrogating them they confessed to what was attributed to them and that they work in the field Money Exchange on the Black Market: By reviewing the Financial Prosecutor, he indicated arresting them and referring them to the Financial Prosecution through the Office for Combating Crime Finance.

The Directorate also summoned the owners of the Lebanese licensed exchange institutions (IPS), (IMS), (IJ), (FPSC) and (BJH) to provide Information about their failure to adhere to the price of the generalized dollar purchase from the Bank of Lebanon, with their investigation, they reported that their non-compliance today is due to the confusion that occurred after the new circular issued by the Bank of Lebanon related to calculating the US dollar exchange rate for bank accounts that do not exceed 5 million Lebanese pounds.

By reviewing the financial prosecutor, he indicated that they would be left under investigation and taken a commitment from them to adhere to the purchase price of the American dollar from customers, according to the circular of the Banque du Liban.


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