Professor Season 4’s series, translated into Netflix


Professor series, season four, translated , Search requests increased dramatically in previous periods about the date of the presentation of the fourth season of the La casa de papel series, which coincides with its presentation on the NETFLIX digital platform at the present time, and the large network has announced the date of displaying the series a long time ago and also added the trailer for the series on its page On Facebook and on the popular YouTube website, the trailer has received great acclaim from fans of the series who are eagerly awaiting it.

Professor series, season four, translated

Professor Series Season 4 is a famous Spanish series starring famous Spanish actor Alvaro Morte and many stars, and revolves around the theft of the Royal Spanish Instrument House in the first and second season of the series, where Professor or Sergio collected the best thieves in the country and developed a plan for them and trained them for a period For 5 whole months, he succeeded in entering the house and printing more than one billion euros, and he succeeded in escaping that money in the end, to put the system and intelligence in a very embarrassing position in front of the people.

Professor series, fourth season 4

The series, Professor Season 4, is a continuation of the events that started in the third season, where after the flight with money and the team went to several separate islands to enjoy money and life as millionaires, a phone call between Rio and Tokyo causes his arrest inside the island where he lived, and with Tokyo’s asylum To the professor to help her in the crisis, to decide to collect the team again, but this time to rob the Bank of Spain and steal all the gold in it, but the events take place and the shooting of Nairobi and the arrest of Lisbon for the professor decides to challenge the regime and declare war with the A pile where it under his hand, many of the hostages.

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