Prince Harry and Meghan start a new life … away from the monarchy


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Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, start April 1, new life, after Tuesday was their last royal day.

The couple had announced that they had abandoned their royal supreme roles to become “financially independent”, and that Prince Harry would live a life he had not grown accustomed to having spent his entire life in the royal palaces in London.

Harry and Megan
Harry and Megan

As of today, the Duke of Sussex will be free to pursue new jobs, earn money, and spend most of their time in North America, but they will not be able to use the title “royal” to promote or perform official duties, and they agree not to use the title of His Highness.

Part of the family

The couple are still two parts of the family, but they cannot use royal surnames, but that does not change Harry’s position in the line of succession of his grandmother on the throne of the United Kingdom.

The couple said, in a statement on Monday and before their formal transition to a non-royal life, that “a lot has happened in recent weeks, as such questions are no longer considered”, while a Sussex spokesman noted that “the Duke and Duchess of Sussex preferred to focus in recent weeks.” On the global response to the spread of the Covid 19 virus. ”

Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, revealed their last message as two members of the British royal family, before moving on to a new life and dedicating activities away from the lives of kings.

“While you may not see us here, the work will continue,” the couple said to more than 11 million followers on their Instagram account. And they added: “We look forward to reconnecting with you soon … You were great! Until we meet, please take care of yourself and each other.”

A statement issued by their office said, that they will focus now and in the next few months on their family, while “developing their future non-profit organization.”

On March 9, as part of their final royal duties, the spouses joined all members of the royal family on Commonwealth Day.

Many have written about the lack of interaction between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. But the bigger message was that while Harry and Meghan might leave the “establishment”, they are still part of the family.


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