Pressure increases for English Premier League players to reduce their wages


Source: London – Reuters

Tottenham Hotspur’s decision to cut the salaries of 550 of its non-players by 20 percent due to the effects of the Corona Virus has put more pressure on English Premier League players to reduce or postpone their wages.

The Professional Players Association is in talks with the Premier League over the best way to deal with the current suspension of matches, but the movements of some clubs to take advantage of the government’s plan to grant unpaid leave has drawn sharp criticism.

On Monday, Newcastle United gave its non-player employees a leave without pay and asked its employees to participate in a new government plan due to the Corona virus to retain jobs.

Norwich City said on Tuesday that it was taking similar measures to protect future jobs and help keep the club’s business going during the crisis. The club added that, in addition to government assistance, it would intervene to ensure that its employees receive their full wages.

These actions were criticized by Julian Knight, a member of the British Parliament for the Conservative Party and head of the Sports, Culture and Information Committee of Parliament.

Knight said: This is a lump in the throat. This reveals the crazy economics of English football and its moral void, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan added that the big players must make sacrifices.

He told the BBC: “These are the people who should bear the greatest burden and are most likely to have the most savings, not those who work as catering or hospitality and who most likely have no savings and live week after week and will not likely get For any benefit from the government for five weeks.

Simon Jordan, former president of Crystal Palace Club, said that the situation gives a bad view of football, and told “Talk Sport Radio”: I think that there is an ethical issue in an industry such as football that has disappeared because of money. Football clubs and players have moved away in the last five years with an increase Revenue from television broadcast, I think we are now in a situation where football must say ‘Is it really necessary, just because the government offered to help, that I am satisfied with it?

Tottenham president Daniel Levy said his decision was aimed at protecting the club, but stressed that he hoped the talks between players, coaches and the Premier League would come to a decision.

He continued: We hope that the current talks between the Premier League, the Professional Players Association and the Football Association will lead the players and coaches to their role in football.


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