Premier League stars refuse to cut salaries to help the poor and the government


The English newspaper “The Sun” revealed the secret of the players’ rejection English Premier League Deduction of 30% of salaries during the current season, amid the outbreak of the Corona virus, based on the proposal submitted by the owners and heads of clubs to reduce the financial burden on them in light of the interruption of competitions.

The English newspaper said today that the refusal of the players to deduct the salaries is due to their desire to help the poor and health organizations and not the owners of the rich clubs, especially as they see that the deduction of salaries will be in their interest only and will not help in resolving the current crisis, as it will prevent the English government from obtaining taxes estimated at 200 One million euros, as these amounts are spent on the country’s health sector.

The Players Association prefers to donate sums to the Ministry of Health and the needy in Britain, rather than the option of deduction of salaries, which is in the interest of the owners only, which makes the crisis continue between the two parties until further notice.

Meanwhile, Gareth Southgate, technical director of the England national team, agreed to reduce his salary by up to 30%, in light of the crisis of the outbreak of the Corona virus, which caused the death of more than 60 thousand people around the world.

The newspaper “Mirror” English that Southgate, the coach of the English national team, agreed to reduce his salary by 30% during the crisis of the new Corona virus, and it is expected that the FA will announce this matter next week..

The spokesperson for the English Confederation told Sky Sports England, “The financial implications of the coronavirus are not yet known, but as a non-profit organization we want to make sure that we are taking appropriate action to support the wider organization and our staff, and we will announce more about our next steps at the appropriate time.”“.

The England coach’s move, with his salary cut, came as the English Professional Players Association refused to cut players ’salaries by 30 %.


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