Postponing the detection of the electric version of the “Hummer” car


The American General Motors Group has joined the list of car companies that postponed the detection of new models due to the Corona virus pandemic.
General Motors decided to postpone the disclosure of the electric version of its ultra-heavy-duty vehicle, the Hummer, to an unspecified date, while it was scheduled to unveil it on May 20.

The Electric website quoted a spokesman for General Motors as saying that the company is still “on the way” to develop the electric truck, and expects this car to reach customers in the fall of 2021.To achieve this goal, the company published an interesting announcement that finally revealed more than just the front grille of the waiting electric car.

It is expected that the new “Hummer” will bear some design features of the original civilian version of the Hummer, which is a copy of which is used by armies in many countries of the world.

It is expected that the power of the electric motor in the new car will reach 1000 hp with a torque of 11.5 thousand pounds per cubic foot, to reach a speed of 60 miles per hour within approximately 3 seconds, which means its complete superiority over the Hummer, which is powered by a conventional gasoline engine.

In addition to the competition that the Hummer electric car will face, from other cars such as “CyberTruck” from Tesla and the RIT from Rivian, GM may face the repercussions of the pandemic and its effects on the market.

It is possible that there will not be a large audience for a luxury electric truck, as was the case previously, whether due to economic conditions or with low fuel prices to unprecedented levels as a result of the collapse in oil prices.


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