Postponed the series “Divorced Thank You” to the Fox and here Shiha


Radio series episodes stopped recording “He divorced me, thank you.” Which was supposed to be broadcast in the upcoming Ramadan season on a number of radio stations, and the artist Ahmed Flux is participating in this championship and here is Shiha in the first work that brings them together after their separation from each other, and the events of the series revolve in a social comic template about the problems between spouses that reach divorce And end marital life, as the series offers some solutions to recurrent family problems, and to highlight these crises that are easy to fade.

The series “divorced me thanks”, starring Ahmed Flux, here is Shiha, Farouk Flux, Samah Anwar and Mohamed Tharwat, and is written by Mohamed Hanafy Nasr.

The last works of the artist Ahmed Flux were the movie “The Corridor” starring Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Rizk, Iyad Nassar, Mohamed Farraj, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Mohamed El-Sharnoubi, Mohamed Gomaa, Mahmoud Hafez, Amir Salah El-Din, Asma Abu Al-Yazid, and the new face composed by Al-Mahdi and guests Honor: Hind Sabry, Sherif Mounir, Inaam Salousa and Hajj Abdel-Azim, and soundtrack by Omar Khairat.

For his role in the film, Flux won many acclaim and also received several awards and honors.

The film was written and directed by Sharif Arafa, and participated in writing the script and dialogue. Amir Tuaima, the film deals with the Egyptian thunderbolt forces during the war of attrition, headed by one of the brave leaders called “Nour”, and discusses the time period beginning of the 1967 war through the war of attrition.


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