Poster “When we were little,” anger Khalid al-Nabawi


The poster raised the series “When We Was Young” (Written by Ayman Salama and directed by Muhammad Ali), starring Khaled Al Noubi, Mahmoud Hamida and Reham Hajah, with confusion in the artistic community. A poster image shown on Dmc clearly showed Reham standing in front of him, and following it in the prophetic background. The poster was a crisis, given that the artistic history of the Prophet was not appreciated by those involved in the dramatic work. The negative comments kept calling the Egyptian star to protest the poster, which gives importance to the Egyptian actress, who does not have technical experience. She has previously appeared in a few series, while the Prophet has a long artistic career. For his part, the Prophet confined himself to commenting on his page on Social Media, saying, “It seems to me clearly in this moment that retirement is the solution.” To make matters worse, the official statement published by the producer, Ahmed Abdel Atti, was a product of “When We Were Young”, confirming that the series belongs to Reham and that the Prophet received his fees for the project. The series is about a murder that turns the life of the heroine upside down.


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