Portugal places Hacker Football Lakes in house arrest


The newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that the English Premier League may resort to a new electronic application to resume the league matches again, and to ensure that no fans with the Corona virus enter the stands.

She added that the new application is a “healthy passport” that uploads the result of a medical examination for the Corona virus to a person, which helps the security of the stands to identify healthy people and not allow anyone else to enter the stands.

The newspaper pointed out that this application depends on conducting comprehensive testing operations, which is what the British government failed.

But the company, “VSTE” that developed the application, announced that it would work with two companies to start conducting “testing for HIV infection through the use of fingerprint antibody tests,” which was approved by the UK government drug and healthcare regulatory agency in the coming weeks.

The company explained that the idea of ​​using it in sports is based on selling match tickets to people who are not infected with the virus, by checking their health travel neighborhoods, and the stadium security will also check when entering the stadium.

For his part, Premier League CEO Richard Masters stressed that the possibility of implementing this idea will be discussed with the company next week.

“We are already talking with the government to return the sport, and it needs a mechanism to ensure the safety of everyone on the field,” said Mike Farnan, Manchester United managing director, whose company cooperated in the implementation of this application.

“We do not claim that this solution is magic, and we do not expect the stadiums to be filled with the masses, but it will be a gradual return.”

While the founder of “VSTE” company stated that the application is a simple and very effective global system to ensure the safety of fans in sporting events after the gradual lifting of restrictions.

It is reported that during the past days, some European countries have started to consider introducing so-called “immunity passports” to allow individuals who have contracted and recovered from the virus to return to normal life.


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