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Some iPhone users want to record some steps while using the device, but there are many users who do not know how to do such a step.

According to the technical website “theverge”, there are devices Camel With a very useful feature, users can, using the “Screen Recording” feature built into iPhone phones, record everything that happens on the screen.

According to the technical site, this feature allows you to record everything that happens on the iPhone screen, and send it to your friends, in addition to that you can record the screen and sounds also if you are using iOS 11 or a later version.

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Through the feature, you can record a video of part of the live broadcast on Instagram InstagramOr, create a tutorial video for your friends, or save a clip from the game you’re playing, here we will learn how to use the screen recording feature in iPhone phones:

The screen recording feature comes built into iPhone phones, but to use it, you first need to check for a screen recording button in the control center, and to open it swipe down from the top right corner, if you are using iPhone X or later, or swipe up if you are using iPhone 8 or The oldest.

And then check for the screen recording button, which appears as a red dot around a circle, and if it is not present it can be added by going go “Settings”> click on the “Control Center” option> choose “Customize Controls”> Scroll down and tap the + sign next to “Screen Recording”.

How to record screen in iPhone

Now, you are ready to register your screen, follow these steps:

1. Open the application or website you want to record while using it (knowing that some applications prevent screen recording)

2. Go to the control center, press the crescent icon, then turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode, to pause the arrival of calls and notifications temporarily, to prevent recording anything else that appears on the screen.

3. While you are in the control center, press the “Start Recording” button to start recording. Once this button is pressed, the timer will start working, and it will give you three seconds before the recording starts.

4. Tap the screen to hide the Control Center menu.

5. To stop recording, swipe up or down, to access the control center and press the record button again, click on the red bar at the top of the screen to stop recording and then “Stop”.


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