Photo of Mahmoud Hamida, Khaled El Nabawi, and Reham Hajjaj igniting a crisis


Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

A few days before the start of the month of Ramadan, and the start of the television drama show, advertisements for competing works with a show of pictures of heroes were launched.

This has caused a crisis in the scenes of the series “When We Was Young,” starring Mahmoud Hamida, Khaled Al Nabawi and Reham Hajjaj, when the image of the series appeared to be led by action hero Reham Hajjaj, while the duet Hamida and the Prophet stood behind.

The image that caused the crisis
The image that caused the crisis

The picture sparked widespread controversy on social networks, as the audience asked about the logic in which the heroes were arranged according to the image, and some considered that the arrangement was a detract from the history of Mahmoud Hamida and Khaled El Nabawy artistic.

While the family of the series did not comment on the attack, it became clear to everyone that there was a crisis behind the scenes, which prompted Khaled Al-Nabawi to clarify.

Where he issued a statement confirming that he is not used to talking about matters related to the scenes of his profession during implementation, and he knows the public’s preoccupation with what is most important in the current period, but this time will be the first and last respect for his fans and family.

The Prophet is angry

He also pointed out that he was subjected to a smear campaign through social networks, and some magazines and sites that publish news about him, stressing that he did not and will not agree with the media in the streets or the social media of the series.

In addition, he explained that he informed the producer of his lack of approval, but the producer told him that this propaganda was not carried out by the production company and the producer does not know anything about it, and it will be corrected immediately. He also announced his communication with the representative of the representative to express his great harm to the distortion that is published, especially as His contract does not stipulate that.

He affirmed that the contract he concluded bears respect for those who are greater than him art and age, and also carries respect for his art and his name, as well as for the assets and customs that do not agree with what happened.

He promised to correct

He also clarified that the producer promised him that the company would make publicity materials to correct the image and all the errors that occurred, hoping that this would happen soon, which was promised to him by the representative of the cast.

In the end, the Prophet sent a message “to those who blame him for love or for too long for him to hate”, that there are senior officials responsible for correcting the inverted pyramid, because no one can alone, nor is there any official alone, which is commented on him saying, “It seems to me a clear phenomenon At the moment, retirement is the solution. ”

He stressed that there are no personal differences between him and his colleagues so that he does not leave room for gossip, promising everyone to publish the facts in succession, and the matter will be announced to the public at the time so that he does not leave room for gossip.


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