Pele: Messi is the best and I do not regret the refusal of Real Madrid


Pele: Messi is the best and I do not regret the refusal of Real Madrid


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Brazilian and international football legend Pele confirmed that he did not regret rejecting Real Madrid’s offer to join him during his football career, stressing that his future was with the Brazilian Santos team.

Brazilian football legend Edson Arantes de Nascimento, nicknamed “Pele”, interviewed Real Madrid magazine in which he talked about his refusal to offer Real Madrid in his tenure as a player. He replied: “My desire to stay with Santos was stronger, it was true that it was wonderful to I play for Real Madrid, but I do not regret this decision. ”

On the opinion of the 79-year-old former Brazilian player with the now popular soccer duo he said: “I have answered this question maybe a million times. I consider Messi the best now, but I really enjoy watching Cristiano Ronaldo, he has become a great player, we are fortunate as fans of his fight he is Leo every week. ”

He continued: “Let’s enjoy Messi and Ronaldo as much as possible … we may not see a better one for them to meet in this era again.”

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Asked Pele about his choices for the 10 best players in football history, he said: “Another difficult question, because there are even more than 10 players in my time, I will choose Maradona, Di Stefano, Trappanone, Garrincha, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Alberto, Zidane, Ronaldo, Iniesta … Today we are lucky with great players like Cristiano and Messi, and the future looks bright for Mbabi. ”

As for the French football legend and the current technical director of the “royal” club Zinedine Zidane, he said: “Zidane is very lucky because he achieved great success, both inside and outside the stadium, and this is not easy. The pressure in Real Madrid is part of the history of this club, I think it is He did an ideal job, he has the ability to lead the group because he was a player, and the players are lucky to have a coach with the experience that he had acquired as a player, I hope he will continue to stay with Real Madrid at the top, and achieve other successes. ”

On being considered the best player in football history, Pele replied, “It is a very difficult question, my rewards and my history speak for themselves, it is difficult to compare the different times in sports. There are so many amazing players, I am honored to be considered the best.”

Pele continued his statements by saying: “Phenomenon Ronaldo … his nickname says everything, Ronaldo could be the best striker ever, he was amazing, size, speed, skill and everything, I have not seen this mix since then.”

Source: “Wakalat”


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