PC shipments decline despite the high demand due to SK


The personal computer market has been suffering for years from a slow state and a decline in demand and shipments, but the first quarter of this year witnessed a coup in the situation where demand increased due to the trend towards work and learning from homes, but for the same reason companies were unable to meet this demand due to the Corona virus.

As a result of the difficulties of international shipping and transportation operations, shipments of personal computers declined 8% during the first quarter, to a total of only 53682 computers.

Lenovo dominated the top of the ranking with a market share of nearly 24% and near it was HP and immediately after Dell, these were the top three, while away from them Apple came fourth and Acer ranked fifth.

The main reason for the disruption of shipments was the continuation of factories in China to stop working even after the end of the New Year holiday, and then the problems that faced the international transport and shipping companies that stopped working.

It is expected that this sudden large demand will positively reflect on the companies ’business results and achieve high profit margins due to the fact that almost all of the shipments and stocks were actually being sold.

As for the second quarter, the factories have returned to work and production is active and production capacity has increased, and at the same time it is not expected that the same volume of demand will continue in the second quarter, so we may not see the same results, especially with the start of the global recession and whoever needed a modern apparatus that bought it.

This recovery in demand due to the Corona virus and remote work would raise the demand for other products related to the computer industry, such as terminals and accessories, screens and printers, network equipment and even security and protection.


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