“Passports” announces the steps and conditions for residents to benefit from the “return” initiative – Saudi Arabia News


The General Directorate of Passports announced the launch of the “Return” initiative to enable those who wish to reside in the Kingdom, who hold “exit and return” visas, “final exit” and “visit” of all kinds, and “tourism”, to submit requests to return to their countries electronically via a platform “Absher”, in compliance with the order of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

And revealed «Saudi Passports» that the steps to benefit from the initiative are as follows: enter the main screen of the platform «Absher», then choose the icon «Back», then fill in the necessary fields, then send the request.

“Passports” added: Upon approval of the request, the beneficiary will be notified via a text message that includes (flight date, ticket number), then the recipient will purchase the ticket and go to the airport on the specified date, confirming that the text message of the reservation received on the phone from “Absher” is considered a permit To navigate, the resident enables the beneficiary to go to the airport before the flight, and all data can be printed from the platform.

Passports stated that the conditions of service are as follows: that the applicant has a fingerprint in the system, the presence of a valid visa for the applicant, the presence of a valid passport for the applicant, the absence of a security note on the applicant, that the destination should be within the countries included in the initiative.

Passports indicated that the service is available through the website of the “Absher” platform and not available through the application, and there is no requirement for an account in the “Absher” platform to benefit from the initiative.


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