Ozil: The decision to leave Real Madrid is the most difficult in my life


Arsenal player Masoud Ozil confirmed that his decision to leave Real Madrid is the most difficult in his life, and Ozil played with Real Madrid 3 seasons between 2010 and 2013, then he moved to Arsenal.

Ozil spoke in comments published by the newspaper “Marca” saying: “Leaving Real Madrid was the most difficult decision in my life. I dreamed of winning the Champions League with Madrid, it is not a secret, that my heart beat Real Madrid, I played there and to this day I still have many Friends on the team and at the club. “

Ozil continued: “My father (Florentino Perez) was not that perfect but he was not greedy, from what we considered fair and he did not give it to us, that being stubborn with Florentino is not a good thing.”

The German international played 159 games with Real Madrid, during which he scored 27 goals and scored 80.

In another context, Masoud Ozil thanked the doctors and scientists around the world, urging everyone to take the necessary precautions to confront the deadly Corona virus.

“Football does not matter now … Health is more important than anything else … Take all precautions you can take … Be aware and considerate of all, especially those who are at high risk,” wrote Masoud Ozil, on his Twitter account.

He added: “As we go through this global crisis, we must not forget to thank all the doctors, nurses, scientists, etc. all over the world who are helping to prevent this virus from spreading … they are under severe pressure in the coming weeks and deserve our respect and gratitude.”


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