Our Lady of Lebanon Hospital thanks President Aoun and Kanaan: We hope the state will find a final solution to the situation of the hospital sector


The management of the Hospital of Our Lady of Lebanon – Jounieh thanked the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and the head of the Finance and Budget Committee, Representative Ibrahim Kanaan, for their initiative that would contribute to paying part of the accumulated dues to hospitals.She hoped that the state would find a final solution to the hospital sector’s status by approving a project to amend hospital tariffs and link future hospital dues to the exchange rate upon payment.

I wished President Aoun and Kanaan to complete this file.She said: “What has been achieved until today in a record period makes us hope that we can continue to provide hospital services in these stressful circumstances, and in better cooperation between us and the state, as this has a positive effect of saving the hospital sector before it collapses completely.”


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