“Other Al-Bakht” will be shown in Ramadan .. This is my role in the series!


Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi announced the presentation of the series “Sawah Al-Bakht” during the upcoming Ramadan season, which is a social drama that combines comedy and tragedy.

The series sheds light on life after retirement, in addition to offering a number of contemporary social aspects, while witnessing the participation of an elite group of stars, along with Haya, who looks at a completely different personality from what the audience used to during the past years.

Al-Shuaibi, in press statements, said: “We filmed the series last year, but it was postponed more than once, and finally it will find its way to the viewers during Ramadan. The work was written by Mohammed Al-Kandari, and produced by Al-Fahd Art Production, and the executive producer, the artistic group, and confronts its production by Hussein Abel, and collects Elite of stars including Ahmed Al-Aounan, Fahd Al-Banai, Mohammed Al-Serafi, Shehab Hajia, Fakhria Khamis, Hoda Hamdan, Shila Sabt, and the role of Abdullah, and deals with many social problems facing Kuwaiti families in a light comic form.

As for her role in the series, she said, “I embody the role of a woman who works as an employee in one of the government agencies, she retires and then goes to private work through the work of projects, and we follow in every episode a new project for this woman and the resulting events from that experience, and this is a reality we live in, under a retirement The woman is of a young age, so she takes advantage of the money she gets in commercial projects, and through these events we follow what goes on between the walls of this house, where Fahd Al-Bannai embodies the role of my son, Hoda Hamdan plays the role of my daughter, and Al-Sairafi plays the role of my brother, and the events continue.

In talking about Al-Shuaibi, it seems that she wanted to hint at a character who stands behind the accusations leveled against her of exploiting the poor and the needy, criticizing her and mocking some of her when she said that she distributed charity to the needy, noting that she is not like a person who creates sedition among people and publishes their news without mentioning how mean.

Haya Al-Shuaibi threatened this character with a better silence for her, and indicated that she did not mention who gave her charity. Haya Al-Shuaibi posted a comment through her account in the “Snapchat” application, saying: “At least something is minor, but what we mentioned right is not that you download people’s news And Tsuen is mesmerized, so I can hold back and support my understanding, and I do not want to respond.

The Kuwaiti actress added: “The character of growth speaks, we know what people are sitting, we do not follow the people and write Namo, they dressed up, God.” Follow-up: “Do not invalidate your alms by the pain and harm, Yahoo Onions, Yahoo! The answer. ”

This comes after the actress Haya Al-Shuaibi aroused the public opinion about her and angered many Kuwaitis after she posted a picture in “Snapchat” and said: “As for the right of the people to me, and I disturbed them today with onions, tomatoes and meat, you have wellness and forgive me for the palaces. This is a simple thing from me.”

Many of the viewers saw that such behavior is an act that is not intended to do good and support those in need, but rather it is intended to show off and be no more.

Haya was subjected to a lot of criticism and mockery of her act, as the public demanded her not to publicize the work of charity, as they criticized her behavior and asked her to apologize as a hurtful act for the needy and the poor, and an attempt by them to use them to polish herself and her name.

Some observers were surprised by the artist’s behavior, stressing that Haya is simple and humble, and they wondered why she was using this method that does not represent her and is not close to her personality.

It is noteworthy that Haya Al-Shuaibi changed a lot in the way she dressed and her looks, after she lost a lot of weight, and underwent various cosmetic operations to improve her appearance and her appearance so that she became one of the most followed stars on social networking sites.

Also, the Kuwaiti actress recently finished filming the Saudi comedy series “One Billion Riyals”, which is starring alongside a number of Saudi names, and is expected to be broadcast on Saudi SBC in the holy month of Ramadan, that is, days.


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