Osama Saad: We welcome the operation of the Turkish Hospital as soon as possible and the need to equip the Sidon Governmental Hospital


The Secretary-General of the “Nasserite Popular Organization” MP Osama Saad stressed, in a statement, “the importance of operating the Turkish Specialist Hospital for Wounds and Burns, as soon as possible,” hoping that “we do not need a hospital for Corona cases in Sidon.”

He announced that he took note and news “of the visit that Prime Minister Hassan Diab will make to the city of Sidon tomorrow, accompanied by a number of ministers, especially the Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan, to inspect the closed Turkish hospital ten years ago, no more, no less.” He said: “We are the first Whoever called for the operation of the hospital and organized a series of protest movements and sit-ins, and today we welcome its operation. “

And hoping that the Turkish Hospital will be a government hospital like any other government hospital, he regrets the delay in “preparing the Saida Governmental Hospital to face the Corona virus, in terms of conducting tests and treating the infected,” calling for “the need to equip it quickly to keep pace with the epidemic in Lebanon.”


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