Osama Anwar Okasha’s daughter threatens to sue the makers of “Witness and Tears 3”


Nisreen threatened the daughter of the late great writer Osama Anwar Okasha, the makers of the third part of the series “Witnesses and Tears” after they announced the preparation of the part without her approval, given that it is the inheritance of her father.

Nesreen explained in a statement that the late family rejected the idea of ​​submitting a third part of the work, after the artist Afaf Shoaib contacted them, and offered them some of the episodes of the third part. Nisreen indicated that the work presented was not good and was not appropriate in the first and second parts, and as a result, the rejection was made.

Nisreen stressed in her statement that if work begins on the third part, there will be lawsuits against all its manufacturers and heroes.

It is mentioned that the second part of the series was shown 35 years ago and was starring Youssef Shaaban and Afaf Shuaib.

For her part, the actress Afaf Shoaib denied that she had announced the start of filming the series, stressing that the work was a legitimate project for some time and stopped due to the conditions of the Corona virus.

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