Opportunities for regulation on schedule are increasingly diminished


PARIS (AFP) – The opportunity to build the 107th edition of Tour de France on the 27th of June is increasingly diminishing, given the tragic health of the country due to the proliferation Terrible for the new Corona virus.

Last week, the director of the French Circuit, Christian Prodome, told AFP after announcing the postponement of the Dauphin race that was scheduled for May 31, that the priorities were “the health situation in the country and saving lives”.

“So far, the dates for the circumambulation remain,” he added. “But it is a lie to say that we are not studying other hypotheses” without going into the issue or the options available.

The only indication offered by Broadcom is the need to “leave two months of vision for riders”, that is, the appropriate period for road races, training camps and first competitions.

In other words, to organize a rally-sized race that will be held at the end of June, riders, who are currently in self-isolation, must be allowed to go out for training and racing on the road from the end of this April and in particular to give the green light by the authorities in order to Easing the strict restrictions on insulation, given the large public follow-up of the cruise seen between 10 and 12 million spectators on the roads. It is a question that raises pessimism today, given the health crisis.

From there we conclude that the balance between the different scenarios tends to be postponed today more than anything else …

Establishing Tawaf on time

Theoretical program still exists in theory. Among the major sporting events scheduled for next summer, only the Tour de France is still on the sports calendar for this season after the postponement of the Tokyo Summer Olympics and the European Cup and Copa America in football until next year.

The premise of setting the race on time for a while was reinforced by French Sports Minister Roxana Marasinino discussing the possibility of organizing the race without an audience.

“We can imagine anything, something similar happened in other competitions in the past. The effect is not the same despite the fact that the economic model of the Tour de France does not depend on selling cards as it is in the case of football and rugby,” Marasignano said.

“I believe today that everyone understands and bears responsibility for the quarantine period and everyone is aware of the benefits that we will gain by staying in our homes and enjoying the show on the small screen instead of attending it directly, so it will not be harmful to follow (the event) on TV.”

But this hypothesis is not present at the present time, and it faced a rejection by some riders in particular in their introduction to the British Gerant Thomas, the champion of the 2018 version, where he considered that “without an audience, it will not be the Tour of France”, because the Tour of France is by nature popular and festive and goes beyond being a bike race .

– Postponement –

The option to postpone is directly related to the exit restrictions from the crisis decided by the public authorities that have the authority to give the green light to the organizers. Given the current situation, the vision on this topic is very limited at the present time.

The question remains, how will the bike race season be organized in the event that the Tour de France is postponed? The only certainty is the location of the French cruise, the cornerstone of the calendar. All concerned teams and parties that participated in the meetings sponsored by the International Cycling Federation, know the impact of the cruise on the returns envisaged by the various sponsors. The bottom line is that the Tour de France is a priority for all cyclists.

Mid-july, early or mid-august? The first date seems unlikely, given many unknowns. From here and there, we learned that the organizers surveyed their interlocutors, elected officials, and television networks reporting the event, regarding the possibility of delaying the cruise to August. But without revealing more.

– Cancellation –

The worst case scenario. It was discussed by the cyclist Bernard Hino, who won the title five times, in a statement to “France Bleu” by saying “250 races around the world have been canceled. Why does this not happen on the French tour?”

The bicycle earthquake will be international. The German general manager of the German Bora team, Ralph Dink, recently stressed to the German newspaper “Die Welt” that “without the French tour, the bicycle world will suffer from a big problem.”

In Belgium, it is not the same for Patrick Lefeviere, General Manager of Dosonic Group, who told the Heat Newsblad: “If the cruise does not take place, it will be a huge blow to the organizers, not the teams. The entire model on which our sport is built can collapse “.

Some riders fear this possibility, such as the Belgian Thomas de Ghent, who last summer won the Saint-Etienne stage, saying, “If the Tour de France is canceled, I see that a lot of teams will stop at the end of the season because the companies sponsoring them will abandon them.”

“Canceling the cruise would be a catastrophe for the bicycle world,” he added.

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