Operation of flights available for reservation subject to the decision to resume flight


Dubai: Anwar Dawood

The websites of the national airlines showed flight schedules to multiple destinations around the world, as of mid-May, as companies allowed reservations for these flights, but their operation is conditional on the decision to open flights and the return of air traffic in airports, based on the decisions of the responsible authorities.
A source in the reservations office said that the national airlines “Emirates Airlines”, “Etihad Airways”, “Fly Dubai” and “Air Arabia” have set their flight programs on their reservations website, but the facilitation of these flights is conditional on the official approval of the return of flights at local airports. In addition to the international destinations that will receive these flights.
He added that the status of flights may be canceled or postponed to another date in the event of continued suspension of flights in the country, and in the event that the airspace is opened, these flights will be operated, but they are present for those who prefer to book. He explained that the national airlines offer cashback programs, travel vouchers, or book another flight, according to the policy of each airline.
The source pointed out that the national airlines are currently operating private flights to some destinations, after obtaining official approvals for the evacuation of nationals of these countries.


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