OnePlus OnePlus 8 Pro delivers ultra-fast wireless charging at 30W


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OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 8 Pro with a high-speed wireless charging of 30W, today Wednesday 8 April 2020 03:15 PM

© Unlimit Tech Filed By This OnePlus Theme introduces the OnePlus 8 Pro with ultra-fast wireless charging at 30W on unlimited technology.

In his recent comments, Pete Lau, CEO of One Plus, confirmed that the OnePlus 8 Pro phone comes with ultra-fast wireless charging technology with a capacity to charge the phone by 50% in just 30 minutes.

OnePlus is soon preparing to announce the OnePlus 8 series of phones, as the company offers the highest versions of the OnePlus 8 series with wireless charging for the first time.

Oneplus also offers high-speed wireless charging technology of up to 30W, which is higher capacity than provided for Samsung phones as well as iPhone versions.

The wireless charging technology has been developed by the phone manufacturing giants in China during the last period, as Xiaomi introduced a 30W wireless charging base, and Oppo is preparing to announce a wireless charging base of up to 40W before the OnePlus 8 Pro is officially launched.

OnePlus is expected to introduce the new 30W wireless charging system to the company’s phones only, but Pete Lau confirmed the company’s willingness to license the charging technology to other companies later.

It is reported that Pete Lau has confirmed that the wireless charging base coming from the company will support 30W charging and also comes with a fan for cooling, which supports charging devices more efficiently and faster without the energy being wasted due to the high temperature of the charging base, also the base comes in a night mode that provides the user with a choice to stop the fan .

The wireless charging technology is to realize the warming of the charging base so that the energy produced to support the stability of the temperature is reduced again.

OnePlus 8 Pro introduces the Snapdragon 865 processor chip, with the advantage of 5G networks, a screen refresh rate of 120Hz, and supports reverse charging, so we look forward to the company’s announcement on April 14 to learn more accurate details about the OnePlus 8 series.


This OnePlus Theme introduces the OnePlus 8 Pro with ultra-fast wireless charging at 30W on unlimited technology.


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