One of them increases his fortune by $ 9500 per second .. Get to know the beneficiaries of the Corona – economic – world crisis today


Although the Corona virus crisis caused an economic crisis the world has not witnessed for decades, and led to the bankruptcy of many companies, and economic losses in the world were estimated at trillions of dollars, but it was a source of pumping money into the pockets of a number of businessmen who achieved billions of dollars during the crisis According to Al-Hurra, the British Daily Mail newspaper reported.

Jeff Bezos

Perhaps one of the most notable winners of the Corona pandemic is American Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, CEO of Amazon. His profits during the past 4 months amounted to about 23.6 billion dollars.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos’ wealth increased by about 20 percent, to $ 138 billion.

The Daily Mail newspaper also revealed that Amazon’s profits exceed $ 9,500 per second during the past three months.

She attributed the reason for this large increase in profits to the increased customer demand for electronic procurement services due to the closing procedures, and forcing people to stay at home.

Red Hastings

Netflix is ​​the second biggest winner of this pandemic. People in their homes, due to the closure procedures, have resorted to the online video service provided by the company, which contributed to the company’s stock increase by more than 30% on the American Stock Exchange.

The fortune of Red Hastings, the founder of the company, increased from $ 4.23 billion to $ 5.2 billion, and the value of the company increased to $ 187 billion.

During the past 3 months, the company attracted about 16 million subscribers, bringing the total number of subscribers to nearly 180 million.

Hastings had pledged half of his fortune to charity, and he also created the Hastings Foundation, a $ 101 million fund to help children with education.

Erik Yuan

Because of the Corona pandemic, millions of people have used the “Zoom” app owned by Chinese-American businessman Erik Yuan, which contributed to the company’s value increase by more than 118%. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Yuan’s wealth rose from $ 4 billion to $ 7.9 billion.

Pierre Andorand

The hedge fund for commodities owned by French billionaire Pierre Andorand rose 63% after betting on a drop in the price of oil due to the Corona pandemic.

Another fund owned by Pierre rose by 153%, which helped him achieve profits in hundreds of millions of dollars, after he incurred heavy losses early last year.

Hedge funds are investment funds that have a high risk of making profits. They are funds that invest in a variety of asset groups, but they often focus on securities.

Crispin Audi

English billionaire Crispin Audley, one of the hedge fund owners on the English Stock Exchange, has also made big profits due to the Corona virus. And its profits during the past month only are estimated at 143 million dollars



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