One million dollars and Ali Maaloul .. behind the scenes of Ahmed Fathi’s official departure from Al-Ahly


Nader Shawky, Ahmed Fathi’s agent, revealed the Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian team Backstage of his decision to leave the Red Fort.

Nader Shawky said in exclusive statements to Sada Al-Balad that he announced his separation from Ahmad Fathi A little while ago, due to the player’s delay in renewing his contract with Al-Ahly, he was not explicit from the beginning, like Sharif Ikrami, in announcing his desire to leave.
Nader Shawky indicated that Alahli football club By planning committee responded to almost 95% of requests Ahmad Fathi Where he requested to obtain 12 million in the season, which is the highest possible amount received by a player in Al Ahly.
He stressed that Ahmad Fathi He retreated after that and asked for a million dollars in the season, similar to Ali Maaloul The Tunisian left back of the Red Team, which placed him in great embarrassment with the management of Al-Ahly and decided to separate from him.

And it was Ahmad Fathi He made special statements for Sada Al-Balad, confirming that he informed the Planning Committee of the departure of Al-Ahly Club at the end of the season after the end of his contract.


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