On the tunes of Abdel Basset Hamouda .. Nisreen Tafesh unloads the contents of the refrigerator in a new video


I participated Actress Nisreen Tafesh Her followers and fans with a new video from her Tik Tok app, as she embodies the scene of unloading the contents of the refrigerator to eat in reference to the trend of eating a lot in domestic sanitation.

Nisreen Tafesh published her video on her Instagram account, to show in front of the refrigerator and in the background the song of the popular singer Abdel Basset Hamouda, “Khaddet Ah”, which returns the food again to the refrigerator.

And that was not the first experience of Tafish through the application of Tik Tok, and it appeared a few days ago, and she directs advice on the way of media Radwa El-Sherbiny, where Nesreen warned of the danger of returning to the “Ex” or the old lover because of Corona, and she said “Corona awareness do you work to block or return To lax your goods that were the beginning of your eyes, because my love, Corona one day, two months, three months, and one year, and God willing, he will go, but you, my dear heart, if you return it again, we will walk. How will you not know walking? She will be right. “

Nisreen Tafesh
Nisreen Tafesh

She also appeared in a video recently while she was practicing some of the “yoga” sport, and commented on it, yoga is a group of physical movements that operate all the muscles of the body together in harmony with breathing.

Nisreen Tafesh
Nisreen Tafesh

She added that the movements of the eye appear to be smooth and easy movements, while when experimenting with a Qadish, it is possible to sweat and burn, and the advantage of yoga is that it works on two levels of the body and the psyche by learning the power of will, patience, peace and focus in particular, and by combining the strengthening of the muscle and its flexibility at the same time, because strength and flexibility are two sides of the same coin.


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