On his birthday .. Nahid Sebaei to Haitham Ahmed Zaki: Every year you are a professional in heaven


The artist, Nahid El Sebaei, was keen on commemorating the birthday of her friend, the late young artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, which falls today, April 4.

Nahed published a picture of Haitham Zaki through her account on Instagram, and commented: “Every year, you are good, and in paradise a professional and happy with all your loved ones. Today is Haitham Ahmed Zaki’s birthday.”

And she added: “O God, forget him in his unity, in his beast, and in his west, O God, send him a blessed house, and you are the best of the two houses …

It is noteworthy that the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki began his artistic career with the film “Halim”, to perform the following year in the movie Blueshow, but he stopped the artwork for three years before returning in 2010 through the group’s series, after which he participated in many works between cinema and television. Like Doran Shubra, after which he won the Best Young Actor Award in Egypt and in 2018 he was one of the champions of the Kalbash 2 series, and concluded his career with the movie Treasure 2.

Among his films in which he participated: “Halim, Al-Balayacho, Palm of the Moon, Blood Drop, Bitter Sugar, Treasure, Treasure 2”, as for the series: “The Community, Duran Shubra, Al-Saffah, Empire of Maine, The Seven Commandments, Professor and Head of Department, Kalbash 2, Mark A question. ”


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