On her birthday .. Learn about Omar Saba Mubarak, the real and her ex-husband


Today marks the birthday of the Jordanian artist, Saba Mubarak, who is born in Aries, and she is now 44 years old.

Saba Mubarak obtained her BA in theater from the Yarmouk University in Irbid in 2001, and she began her association with art by her mother, the artist, “Hanan Al Agha” and her aunt, “Haifa Al Agha”. The series “Qamar and Sehr” in 1998 was her first step in acting, and she is currently a star First grade in Arab drama due to her many TV championships.

She married Tunisian director Chaouki El Magri and, in 2004, they had one son named “Ammar”, and then they separated from each other.

The series “Tales of Girls” was the gateway to her entry to Egypt. Her artistic score is 9 films, including the movie “Two Girls” from Egypt. She participated in the title of 43 Arab series.


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