OMT: Money transfer service from Lebanon to abroad and from abroad to Lebanon is available through our centers


In light of the exceptional circumstances that Lebanon is going through and regarding the shipment of funds and the scarcity of the dollar in the Lebanese market, we have received many questions about the continuing service of transferring money to and from Lebanon.
Accordingly, OMT is concerned to confirm the following:

1. The money transfer service from Lebanon to abroad and from abroad to Lebanon via the Western Union network is available through OMT centers spread all over the Lebanese territory.

2. OMT continues to operate according to its new mechanism in light of bank branches being closed, to secure the necessary liquidity through its network to pay remittances from abroad exclusively in US dollars.

3. In compliance with Cabinet instructions, OMT centers are opened within the specified hours and adhere to all preventive standards to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

4. OMT reminds our valued customers of the possibility to contact the customer service department to confirm the working hours of the agents during the general packaging.

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