Oil Press: Qatar strengthens its global lead in producing liquefied gas


“Oil Press”, the international website that specializes in energy affairs, said that the announcement of Qatar Petroleum Company to start drilling the development wells for the North Field Expansion Project will cement Qatar’s position as the largest producer of liquefied gas in the world after the emergence of competitors who announced new production projects.

The site added that “Qatar Petroleum has started a expansionary drilling campaign for the North Field project to expand the production capacity of the largest natural gas warehouse in the world.”

He pointed out that “Qatar launched drilling operations for the first phase of the expansion of the North Field.” Qatar Petroleum was quoted as saying in a statement that the first well out of 80 planned were drilled on March 29.

The site noted that “Qatar surprised many players in the global energy market two years ago, when it announced its plans to increase gas production. It had previously announced the freezing of expansion plans.”

“Oil Press” pointed out that “Australia had started a plan to increase production, while Qatar announced plans to increase its production capacity of liquefied natural gas by 43% – from 77 million tons annually now to 110 million tons annually.”

“The new export capacity includes expansion projects scheduled to be completed in 2024,” he added.

Qatar Petroleum announced last Wednesday the start of drilling development works for the North Field Expansion Project, as part of the first phase to increase Qatar’s production of liquefied gas from 77 million to more than 110 million tons annually.

The company stated, in a statement, that on March 29, the first of a total of 80 wells to be drilled for the project was started by the drilling rig (Gulf Drill of Luanda).

Saad bin Sheridah Al Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy, Managing Director and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, said that the launch of development drilling works is an important milestone on the road to achieving the strategy to increase the production capacity of LNG.

Al-Kaabi said that the North Field Expansion Project aims to increase the productive capacity of the State of Qatar from LNG from 77 to 126 million tons annually in two phases.

It is worth noting that “Qatar Petroleum” is a government company responsible for developing gas and oil projects in Qatar, while “North Field” is the main field for producing gas in Qatar, and is the largest non-associated gas field in the world.


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