Offers of glory gathered from his limbs!


After opening the «Cultural Library» free of charge at the end of last March, which includes French and Francophone literary works, as well as specialized magazines, videotapes and music as a contribution from him in enriching the culture of the quarried and helping them to overcome the imposed stone of Corona, the French Institute continues In Lebanon, with his activities this time, via the World Wide Web, as this month presents a wide cultural and artistic fan that includes various age groups. Various offers offered by the institute on its website, and on its virtual platforms, giving visitors the opportunity to see some of what is included in the Pompéi exhibition, which was supposed to open last March. The virtual exhibition will take us on a visit to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. A journey with pictures and videos, accompanied by modern techniques to get acquainted with the treasures of this ancient city and its effects. In addition to the exhibition, the institute will launch a set of activities that start with screening of 13 films signed by young directors, which would have been shown at the “Reality Screens” festival, in addition to allocating children with professionals and animated films. Other activities include the circus artcena, which is specialized in circus arts, by publishing a video dating to the Rue et Cirque show. Also, the institute will launch a group of shows for the family and entertainment “Comedie Frances” theater. French language lessons online and distance learning techniques also


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