Of her quarantine .. The first volunteer to share her experience with a possible Corona vaccine


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The world’s hopes relate to the results of an experiment that lasted no more than a few seconds, perhaps one of the most important turning points in the world’s efforts to combat the emerging coronavirus, which is killing its victims around the earth.

Jennifer Haller, a 44-year-old mother of two, enjoyed bravery and courage in the Seattle lab in the United States, when a scientist, wearing a face mask and blue gloves, injected a test vaccine to the emerging virus on her left shoulder.

According to American researchers, Haller made the decision long before the day the experiment was conducted, as the first person in the world to receive a possible vaccine to treat Covid-19.

And in the latest statistics of the emerging corona virus in the world, as of Tuesday dawn, the epidemic has killed 120,000 infected people, affecting more than two million people around the world, according to data provided on the website of John Hopkins University.

According to a newspaper published in the British “Telegraph”, Haller, who works as an operations manager for an emerging technology company, saw weeks ago an invitation to volunteers to participate in the historical experience and was determined to respond and participate.

“We all felt powerless. There was nothing that could be done to stop this global epidemic. And when the opportunity came to do something, I quickly thought and decided, saying to myself, well, maybe I could,” Haller told “The Telegraph” from her quarantine headquarters in Washington state. Contribute to achieving something in this direction. ”

Haller added that when she started taking the necessary medical exams to obtain approval for the scientific experiment, fear persisted in her family and friends, they were concerned, and her husband asked if the experiment was safe. The Haller family had previously allowed to share data about their son, when he was a baby, in some medical studies, but this was different.



The scientific experiment, conducted by scientists at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Institute of Health Research in Seattle, involves injecting two doses of a pilot vaccine within 28 days, and then observation, analysis, and testing are carried out over a year.

The vaccine, called mRNA-1273, has been tested in laboratory animals and has shown promising results, but this is the first time that it has been tested in humans.

This trial does not include any injection of any dose of the same Corona virus, which is the point, which Haller has repeatedly said to her family and friends to reassure them, but at the same time she has without hesitation signing up to pre-approve a 45-page acknowledgment of disclaimers before undergoing the trial injection.

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“There are a lot of risks that (the scientific experiment) might entail,” Haller said. “But as a real positive person, there are benefits that far outweigh any risks to my mind.”

It is difficult to overstate expectations about this experiment, and many other scores of similar experiments currently taking place around the world.

Scientists assure that the pandemic of the Coruna virus will be virtually eliminated once an effective vaccine is discovered. This could be a year from now, as some experts predict, or at most 18 months. Until then, staying home, following health guidelines, and strengthening immunity may give some immunity to limit its spread more widely.

As part of the experiment, Haller said, she took notes of any symptoms every day for the next two weeks following a possible vaccine injection that took place at 8 am on March 16.


Haller described some of her symptoms, saying that on the first day she had experienced a slight temperature increase. On the second day, there was severe pain in her left arm. “But otherwise, everything was fine afterward. It is as easy as taking a regular flu dose,” she added.

One of the paradoxes that Haller recounts is that the experience of injecting the vaccine itself and its symptoms was much more easy than dealing with the high wave of interest it was exposed to, which reflects the global desire to see a bright spot in these dark environments.

Haller conducted many television interviews and received a flood of support and encouragement messages through Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Haller and 44 other adult volunteers undergoing testing for this vaccine will receive a second dose next week. Follow-up, medical analyzes, data recording, and symptoms continue until the spring of 2021.

Haller expressed her confidence that a successful vaccine production would be reached, whether through her experience or through those experiments going forward in other parts of the world, saying: “When we finally reach vaccine production, I will be proud to be part of the process.” .

As for any praise or praise, Haller said, in complete humility, that there are “hundreds of thousands” of people sacrificing their lives by continuing their jobs, led by health care workers, store and grocery workers, delivery workers, farmers and security men And they deserve such praise and praise.


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