Obama attacks Trump because of Corona


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Former US President Barack Obama directed a veiled criticism of his successor, Donald Trump, on Tuesday, saying that the Republican team “denied the warnings” of the Covid-19 pandemic, while warning against ignoring the consequences of climate change. “We all saw with great fear the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic,” Obama wrote on Twitter.

He added, “We cannot bear more of the consequences of denying climate change. All of us, especially young people, must demand our government the best at all levels, and elections this fall. ”

On Tuesday, Trump warned that the United States would go through two “very, very painful” weeks in the fight against the emerging corona virus, which continues to claim increasing numbers of victims in his country and the world at large. “It will be very painful, we will go through two very, very painful weeks,” Trump said during his daily White House press conference on developments to fight the Covid-19 epidemic.


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