Now details of Ramiz Majnoon’s official mold Ramadan 2020 on MBC and MBC Egypt and the dates of the show


Also, the artist, Ramiz Jalal, used to show us his own program, in which he invites fellow artists, footballers or media celebrities, to implement his new trick with them, so the audience feels the excitement and waiting for the program and knowing what his idea revolves every year and who are the guests of the program, and the program is broadcast in Ramadan Karim every year, on the MBC network, And we will show you the date of the presentation of the official crazy program that will be presented in Ramadan this year 2020 and who are its guests in the program.

Details of Ramiz Majnoon, official in Ramadan 2020

As usual, the program’s idea this year revolves around inviting Ramez Jalal to a friend from the artistic, media or football fields to implement his trick with him, and sees what the guest’s reaction will be after Ramez provokes him in his disguise costume, especially after the guest finds out that the whole thing is a hoax And seeing Ramiz Jalal his friend.

And many technical sources indicated that the name of the program is an official insane and as usual, the MBC network will show it alone, and the date of announcing the program will be mentioned in details of the prank with attendance as Ramadan approaches.

Appointment Advertising Ramiz crazy crazy in Ramadan 2020

Also, the Mbc Channels Network will announce the details of the program for Rams Jalal, through the Mbc1 channel as well as Mbc Egypt, in the last half of the current month, the month of Shaaban, and we will explain this through its own advertising campaign about its series and programs in 2020, and broadcasts a spirit of suspense in The public to follow these works of art.

The Ramez program every year is what gets the highest percentage of views of the works that are displayed on the Mbc address network, so there is a lot of search for an official crazy Ramez program, to know its details and its guests.

Ramez Majnoon is an official channel on MBC Egypt

The series will be shown at 7:15 Cairo local time on Mbc1 channel, The official Ramez Majnoon program is displayed on the MBC 1 channel screen on a daily basis from the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, so that Ramez and his famous dumps that we enjoyed during his episodes over the years will be with us.


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