“Nour” story issued by Emirati words house


The story “Nour”, issued by the Emirati “Dar Kalimat”, which specializes in publishing children’s and young people’s books in the Arabic language of “Kalimat Group”, talks about the child Nour, who was deprived of one case, but was given a double feeling, as she was born blind, but nevertheless She sees with her heart, sees everything and feels strongly through her four senses.

According to a statement received 24 copies of it, she reviews the story, directed at children from the age group (6-9 years), which was written by the Lebanese writer Sana Shabani, and created her drawings by artist Hector Burlasky, stations of the daily life of the child Nour with her family, and she sees things in her heart and feels it Strongly, she relies on her other senses to feel the aesthetics of life and its creatures and the simplest details in it, so she sees her mother by listening to her voice mixed with love, and she is happy to whisper her father as he tells her brother: Move your toys through light.She sniffs the light of things strongly, so she sees creativity in her with her strong senses and high sense, walks sensitively about her path, prepares her steps towards the balcony, loves the light of creatures as no one has liked before, and offers her all kindness and tenderness, caressing her cat, touching her hand, touching her hair, touching her hair She enjoys her friendship and company.

The story highlights the positive role that the family plays in supporting and supporting the child who was deprived of the sense of sight, where the family is inundated with her daughter Nour with love, warmth and tenderness, spreading the light around her, enlightening their suns, listening to them with interest, and diminishing darkness around them.

The Nour family celebrates her success in school and holds a party for her, in which her mother prepares a cake of chocolate candy to taste, and her father gives her a story and she reads it with touch, and her brother gives her a game that produces music so she hears it, and her sister presents her with a rose that smells her sweet smell, talks with them the most beautiful words, and smells the perfume of their presence at home , To call them in the name of love their “four senses”.

It is noteworthy that the “Kalimat” group provides access to its publications through the website: www.kalimatgroup.ae


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