Noir is angry at the leak of negotiations to extend his contract to the press


The 2014 World Cup champion was not satisfied with leaking details of the negotiations to the media, explaining in an interview published by the local newspaper “Bild” the conversations I had since I was here were secret … Nothing was leaked at all. But now, the details of the current negotiations are constantly appearing In the media, it is often incorrect. ”

“This irritates me. I am not used to this thing in Bayern,” as media confirm that negotiations between the 34-year-old goalkeeper and the Bavarian club have stopped.

In principle, the parties appear ready to extend the contract, which expires in June 2021, but on completely different terms. In the event that negotiations fail between them, Noir may leave “Allianz Arena” this summer, amid interest in being included by Manchester City and Chelsea, according to “kicker.”

“The desire to resume negotiations is very weak. It may take weeks or even months before a final decision is taken. There is stiffness in positions today,” Kicker magazine noted last week in a report to its chief correspondent, Karlheinz Field.

According to German newspapers, Neuer is demanding an extension of the contract until 2025, but Bayern is not ready to go beyond 2023, meaning that he is ready to keep the keeper on the team until thirty-seven and no more.

In addition, Noir’s agent, Thomas Croth, asked his client a salary of 20 million euros a year, which was more than what Bayern offered, according to Bild.

Flick “Wonderful Coach”

But Crowe, in turn, denied to Bild these details, stressing that he would not make such a request in light of the emerging Corona virus crisis that led to the suspension of the season and caused huge financial losses to the teams.

With the suspension of the league matches, Bayern recently extended the contracts of striker Thomas Muller and his coach, Hansi Flick, until 2023.

Flick remained as coach until 2023, after succeeding in the November assignment, succeeding Croatian Niko Kovac after working as his assistant, before being installed in December until the end of the season, persuading Noir to seek to stay in Bayern for a longer period.

Noir thought Flick was a “great coach”, adding, “I want to get a contract that will win me and Bayern. I want to perform and be there for the team … to give everything I have,” but he added, “The conditions must be appropriate (so ).

Noir defends the Bavarian club’s den since 2011 from Schalke, and has fought with 374 games in various competitions and helped lead him to win the domestic league title in the past seven seasons, in addition to raising the local cup and the Super Cup four times, and winning the European Champions League and Cup European Super and Club World Cup 2013.

Certainly, contracting the German goalkeeper for 23 years, Alexander Noble, starting from the summer of 2020, also from Schalke 04, and Bayern refused to extend the contract beyond 2023, made the 2014 World Cup champion question his position among the three goals of the Bavarian club’s goal, especially since the latter promised his new guard that He participates in 10 games during the season, to say the least, according to local media.

Bayern did not confirm this information, but Noir said in his interview with “Bild” that his position is not in danger, explaining, “As long as I perform, I will play. This is what I expect.”


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