No new deaths in Wuhan for the first time, low number of corona infections in China


The Chinese mainland Tuesday recorded a decrease in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, after it effectively closed its borders to all foreigners to prevent foreign infections, while Wuhan, the epicenter of any outbreak, did not register any new deaths for the first time.
The National Health Commission said that China recorded 32 new cases Monday, down from 39 new cases the previous day.
She added that the new cases are for travelers who arrived in the country from abroad, while the number of cases arrived in the previous day was 38.
This brings the total number of infections in China to 983.
Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, announced only two new cases in the past 14 days.
The city is due to allow those in it to leave on Wednesday for the first time since imposing isolation measures on January 23 to curb the spread of the epidemic.
As the mainland passed the peak of infection in February, the authorities are paying attention to incoming infections and asymptomatic patients but are still able to transmit the infection.
China closed its borders to foreigners with the outbreak of the virus worldwide, and most of the infections are Chinese who return to the country from abroad.
The number of international flights decreased to about three thousand a day in April, after it was tens of thousands.
The committee stated that the total number of confirmed cases on the mainland is 81,740 as of Monday, and the number of deaths is 3,331.
Wuhan did not report any new deaths on Monday.
China recorded 30 new cases without symptoms yesterday, including 18 in Hubei province.


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